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Common Idioms

climbing the walls: when you are forced to stay at home for a long time and feel the need to get out.   

"After two months of quarantine, Jenny and her sister were climbing the walls."

jumping the gun: to do something earlier than is appropriate.

"Jimmy!  Stop asking about what present you want.  You're jumping the gun. Your birthday is still two months away."

raising the bar: to do something remarkably well, so those that follow will have a difficult time trying to emulate.

"President Obama was intelligent, articulate and competent. He's really raised the bar for future presidents."

Get off your high horse! A warning not to act so arrogant. 

"I looked in the mirror this morning and I thought 'Oh my God! Is there anyone more beautiful than I am?'" "Oh, get off your high horse! You're making me ill!"

don't change horses in the middle of the stream: Once you begun the process, don't change the way you are doing things. 

"Right before her big concert, she fired her violin teacher and hired a tutor. The concert was a diaster." "She shouldn't have changed horses in the middle of the stream."

don't put all your eggs in one basket: Spread your risk in case of catastrophe.

"I invested every dollar I had in gold. Now gold has plummeted in value. I've lost thousands of dollars." "Sorry, but you shouldn't have put all your eggs in one basket."

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