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Who We Are

Steven W Rodgers, chief editor at The Edit Authority; writer, editor, composer, lyricist, essayist, satirist, designer

Steven W Rodgers
line editing, copywriting,
composing, script writing, lyrics, graphic design

Steven W Rodgers received his MFA from the University of Virginia, and has nearly 30 years' experience as an editor, satirist, textbook author, newsletter publisher, playwright, arranger, composer, newspaper columnist, and college writing instructor. He has written textbooks, satirical essays, plays and musicals.  He wrote and developed an English proficiency exam for new college students, administered to over 10,000 students.  He has edited a number of novels and memoirs, medical journal articles, and dissertations and theses on topics ranging from the latest in computer technology to soil composition.  His specialty is line editing, emulating the writer's style, improving sentence structure and finding more appropriate vocabulary to achieve the greatest flow and coherency. He has written over 300 songs, including those performed by Broadway and Netflix star Ashley Park (Mean Girls, Emily in Paris). He has also written 5 musicals and  a number of comedy plays that have been performed across the country, including a number off-off Broadway productions.  


Writer and researcher Russell Gmirkin

Russell Gmirkin is an independent researcher and scholar who has published books and articles and lectured at academic conferences for twenty years. He is widely known for his innovative work on the late date and Greek sources of the Hebrew Bible and on the Dead Sea Scrolls. His latest work is a book for the lay person, Who REALLY Wrote the Bible?


Russell Gmirkin
Scholarly Editing (non-fiction)

Oregon novelist Carolyn Tracy

Carolyn Tracy
Developmental Editing, ghost writing (fiction)
script writing & analysis

Carolyn Tracy is a novelist, playwright, composer and lyricist from Portland, Oregon. Her one-woman show "Two Bit Ham Actress" enjoyed a successful run at Chez Robert's Dinner Theatre in Salem, Oregon.  She also was commissioned to write a play commemorating Oregon's 150th Anniversary. She is co-lyricist of the rock opera, "Revolutionary Gentleman," a satirical look at the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of Benedict Arnold, including the songs "Revolutionary Wife" and "Who's to Say?"  She is the composer, lyricist and librettist of the musical "A Kiss Don't Cost a Penny," which includes the song "Definitely Maybe." Her Play, In Like With Me, was nationally honored.  Most recently, she has written the young adult novel, "Pulling Taffy,"  available soon. She has worked with clients for 25 years with a smile on her face!

Korean-American artist

Mikyong Rodgers is a Korean-American artist, who works in nearly every genre, from abstract and impressionism, to cartoons, expressionism, and realism, and nearly every medium, from sketching and watercolor, to oil and pastel.  She has received numerous commissions, and her paintings have been sold to patrons from across the globe. 

Mikyong Rodgers
Artist / Designer

Darci Howland
Administrative Assistant, Marketing Director, 

Makrae Marsland
Senior Staff Writer, Editor, Researcher

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