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"A resounding 'Bravo' ...the banter is witty, the pacing crisp, the twists and turns true one-upsmanship!"                                                                                   - Mike Baker, Jr.,  Emmy-award winning producer, Bravo Cable Television

In Act III (For the Love of Mr. Paradise), Molly (Ashley Mitchell, l.) just can't seem to get ride of the bizarre crew of misfits who keep turning up at her home. Eccentric hitchhiker Winifred (Judy Bruno Bennett*, r.) sees that it may be time to start looking for a new boyfriend.  Meanwhile, hopelessly inept med student, Muffin (Kalista Tazlin, center) enjoys a glass of merlot while checking the pulse of Horace Aspinwall, a farmer from Alabama who had just stopped in to use the bathroom, in the New York Production of The Will to Get Married, Hudson Guild Theatre. 

*member Actors' Equity Assoc.

The Will to Get Married

a zany comedy trilogy by Steven W Rodgers

Cast of 6 (3m,3w)  running time: 85 minutes

In the first act of this zany comedy trilogy, MAIL ORDER GROOM,  Jonathan Cates arrives at the Radcliffe estate to get married, only to find that his bride-to-be has died three days earlier.  Undeterred, Cates enlists the help of Godbey, the frail, elderly head butler to do away with his fiancée’s wealthy mother, the insufferably pompous Madame Radcliffe.   Act II, DEAD LOVERS, centers on Wendell, a nebbish taxidermist who is having an affair with the best friend of his domineering wife, only to find out that the two women are having an affair with each other. Clearly, somebody has got to go.  The final act, FOR THE LOVE OF MR. PARADISE,  begins with yuppie couple Molly and George Paradise, who have the perfect marriage, except for one minor problem—they’re already divorced!  When a young redneck farmer from Alabama stops by to use the bathroom, Molly enlists his help in rekindling their romance, mistaking him for the sex therapist she’d ordered online.  When other misfits with their absurd advice invade their once peaceful home, it becomes obvious their relationship will never be the same.

Musicals by Steven W Rodgers

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