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Book, Music & Lyrics

Steven W Rodgers

additional lyrics by Wendy Christopher & Carolyn Tracy


Electric & acoustic guitar:  Paul Bell

Bass guitar: Paul Bell & Johnny Castle

Cello: Erin Snedecor

Flute: Hanna Danets

Trombone: Michele Fortunato

Trumpet: John Wright III  & Will Allen

Violin: Kaitlin Moreno, Alexandra Cantalupo, & Natalia Merezhuk

Piano: Kevin White & Steven W Rodgers

Drums: Jeff Wolf & Andy Hamburger

Saxophone:  Young Devereaux & Herb Smith

Oboe: Carolina Prado Sanchez

Recorded at Cue Recording Studios,
Washington, D.C.

chief sound engineer: Ken Schubert

Revolutionary Gentleman: The Rock Opera

rev gent medley 2022Artist Name
00:00 / 04:43

LIZ COLANDENE as Emily in the 2017 Washington DC premiere of Revolutionary Gentleman: The Rock Opera 

Act I

Act II

Revolutionary Gentleman (instrumental)
Gimme That Address (instrumental)


The Greatest Hero
Revolutionary Gentleman
I Can Live With That
Just Another Pretty Face
Back Up Lover
Flame in the Dark
We Have a Crisis
The Honeymoon
Day of Reckoning
Pennsylvania Avenue
Up A Creek
The Midnight Ride
Gimme That Address
General Arnold's Demise (Is Long Overdue)
Peggy's Dream (instrumental)
Without Him

 Ashley Park

Jason Yungmann

Megan Clawson

Diane Beattie

Delores King Williams

Mike Baker, Jr.

Bradley Whitfield

Ayelet Firstenberg

Liz Colandene

Anna Maria C. Shockey

Juanita Blankumsee

Scott Raneri

David Merrill

Jackie Madejski

Julia Nightingale

Carlos Ramirez

Aerika Saxe

Rex Grigg

Robert Beard


Downward Spiral
Who's to Say?
I'd Rather Be In Jamaica
When the Moment is Right
I've Come Undone
Alternative Facts
The Verdict
Jurors' Remorse
The American Way
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by Steven W Rodgers

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